Seven Things You Can Learn from Stargirl’s Television Series


The Stargirl television series is an American drama web television series that follows teenager Courtney Whitmore who inspires the superhero community to stop all their crime-fighting. It stars Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore / Stargirl. Here are several things you can learn from this series:

1. Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick

Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) is the central character of Stargirl and gains her abilities when her stepfather (Patrick Fabian) gives her the original Star-Spangled Kid’s cosmic staff. She becomes known as Stargirl and teams up with S.T.R.I.P.E., the robotic armor worn by Jack Knight’s stepfather and stepbrother, to stop a new threat known as Gentleman Ghost (Lochlyn Munro) from continuing his father’s legacy of robbing banks.

2. Never Forget Where You Come From

Not long after becoming Stargirl, Courtney realizes that her stepfather and stepbrother have kept her secret about the Star-Spangled Kid staff. She learns that it has turned dark, as she is visited by her former friend Alan (Astro), who reveals he was injured by his staff just as he had seen Courtney injured with hers. Stargirl then learns that her stepfather sealed away the staff into its special container, but Alan managed to steal it back.

3. Everyone Needs a Break

Another problem for Stargirl is that she’s currently in school and, unlike most superheroes, has homework to complete before she can even think about having her adventures. Though Courtney is gifted with an understanding teacher (Sharon Lawrence) who could easily give her enough time to complete her work, Courtney prefers not to use that as an excuse and do the job herself.

4. People Change Over Time

At first, Alan was a young boy who looked up to Stargirl as a superhero and friend. However, after being granted cosmic star armor by his stepfather, he acts more arrogant and looks down on Stargirl.

5. Hard Work Always Pays Off

Courtney decides to do some detective work to learn more about her stepbrother’s accident. She seeks the help of his ex-girlfriend, whom she ends up getting along with quite well. Courtney’s stepbrother is angry about her secret investigation, but she tells him that if he wants to get back at his ex-girlfriend, he should do it himself rather than letting her do it.

6. People Can Change for The Better

Courtney’s stepbrother seems to have a change of heart and agrees not to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend so they can work together to discover what caused him to become “Dark Star.” His stepfather then brings him back into the fold of their secret society, dedicated to protecting the world from too big threats for normal superheroes.

7. Nostalgia Can Be a Good Thing

The Stargirl television series created by Geoff Johns might include many references from other D.C. Comics characters, but it can also include a few nods to classic American superheroes. When Stargirl gets trapped in the Accelerator, she meets a young girl named Toots who claims that she can fly just like Superman did when he was a kid.

These are only seven things you can learn from Stargirl, the television series. There are many more lessons to be learned in this series. Some people might learn that they can do things their way and not listen to others. Stargirl’s main lesson is that you should always have hope even when things look bleak.